Advantages and limits of the toolbox

Entryfield framework for PHP



  • Allow full-featured lists with multiline update.

  • Natively multilingual.

  • Easy to change the design of your web application, thanks to its integrated template engine.

  • Builds web applications easy to put from one place to another, without changing any line of code.

Brings Freedom

  • Opensource under MIT license.

Brings Concision

  • An updating list with search function and page turning function may take 150 or 200 lines of code.

  • Easy to masterize for a developer working alone, while allowing easy collaboration.

  • Contains a routing mechanisme to allow long urls.

  • Small footprint : code is about 200 KO / 5000 LoC.

  • Stability regarding PHP evolutions (works from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7+).

  • Once a web application built, facilitates the maintenance.

  • Doesn't use command line or code generation.

Methodic and well organized

  • If you know PHP you know WSOD (white screen of death) :( .
    A special work is done to provide readable Exceptions and avoid WSOD when using EntryField.

  • For a given functionality of your web application, all business logic may be written in one place.

  • The framework provides a structural guide about how to build your web application.
    (but you may choose another structure)

  • Non invasive, can coexist with other techniques or frameworks.

  • Framework code conform to PSR/2 coding standard.

  • Doesn't rely on a given EDI (Integrated Development Environment).

  • The framework itself is object-oriented. The use of the framework may be OO or not.

Respect standards

  • Code organization based on MVC (Model / View / Controller)

  • Allows to build state-of-the-art responsive applications
    The example application is responsive :)

  • A Framework built for PHP applications with a SQL database.

  • Tested OK with MySql and Sqlite. Based on PDO : other SQL databases will work.


  • Not interesting if you don't want to build web sites and web applications

  • You certainly have to know PHP, HTML, CSS to use it ;)

  • No advantage if you don't intend to use SQL

  • Do not build high traffic pages with big updating lists.
    You can not have your server and eat it ;)